The main idea is to provide our users with as much information upfront, at the very moment of browsing a specific real estate listing. The goal is to save you precious time in discovering missing information and various fine print, and simply help you make the right decision. Many first-time buyers in this process are unaware of what they need to pay, to whom, how much, and what exemptions and savings they are entitled to by law. Additionally, many advertisers simply "beautify" the reality, so premium users have the opportunity to see what in the ad does not correspond to the actual picture.

Usually in just one click (just to open the extension), you can get the final price of the property and a breakdown of all costs. With a few more clicks, you can find out if the purchase is deemed cost-effective and by how much, as well as whether certain irregularities are reported in the ad. You can create a collection of your chosen listings, regardless of the site they are on, and get additional advice. For those who don't want to pay anything (and we know some people are not overly keen on paying for digital products and services :)), there is a free version. Of course, it doesn't have all the features because it simply wouldn't make sense if it did :)

We wanted to provide some basic functionalities to everyone so they could at least calculate costs easily. Of course, since apartment buyers are not, by definition, a social category, we carefully divided functionalities so that the most useful ones end up exclusively in the premium version :)