Call us utopistic, but we believe that for your hard-earned money, you should be able to buy a home at best price possible. Our browser extension and Web portal are trying to give you all the tools you may need to figure out wheter you're being offered a good deal, or you are buying a pig in a poke.

Key benefits

  • Learn all about the costs

    Find exactly what you will pay, to whom, why, and wheter you can optimize those costs.

  • Calculate return of investment

    Are you getting a good deal? Find out when your investement will pay off, and whether the asking price is fair.

  • Get tips from other users

    Get first-hand advices from our experts and other users.

Supported countries

Process of buying a property can be very different in every country. These are the currently supported countries, along with the number of supported portals:

  • Serbia 5
  • Montenegro 0
  • BiH 0
  • Croatia 0
  • Spain 0

Browser extension works in a context of a real estate portal. You can just continue browsing the real estate listings, and when you find something potentially interesting, you can start your friendly ally in one click, on that very page. It will immediately tell you the final price and a breakdown of all associated costs, including guidance on each expense. The extension offers instant insights into your ability to afford a property, assesses its cost-effectiveness, provides firsthand information from other users, and allows you to compare prices with similar properties in the neighborhood. Additionally, you can create a collection of your favorite listings in a blink of an eye.

Start now

If you are interested in buying a property in one of the supported countries, you can subscribe and get going in 5 short and easy steps.